Bali Travel – Visit the paradise in Indonesia

Bali Travel – Visit the paradise in Indonesia

Bali is a province of Indonesia, standing towards the west of Lesser Sunda Islands and is consists of Bali Island and some neighboring islands. It located in the east of Java and west of Lombok. The capital of Bali is Denpasar, which is the second-largest city in the Lesser Sunda Islands. The Island covers a land area of 5,780km2, and as per the census of 2019, the population is 4,362,000. 90% of the Bali Population are Balinese. The majority of the population follows the Hindu Religion, which counts to 83.5%. The Island found to be the most popular travel station in Indonesia and a world-famous surfing destination. The Island is the home of the Subak Irrigation System, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Several Mountains found in Bali Island are over 2000 meters and are active volcanos. Coral reefs surround the Island. Beaches in the south of the Island are with white sands and the beaches in the northern area with Black sands. The most popular beaches around the Island are Thomas Beach, White sand Beach and Kuta Beach. Ayung River is the longest river of the Island, which flows approximately 75km.

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Bali Weather

Since the Island located close to the equator, it has a tropical, warm and humid climate around the year. From May to September, Bali is with a dry season, and from October to April is the wet season. However, even during the wet season, a good part of the day, this paradise seems to be sunny.

History and Culture

Bali has been inhabited by “Austronesian people” around 2000 BCE. They migrated from Taiwan to Southeast Asia and Oceania through Maritime Southeast Asia. Hence, the culture of Bali people is mostly close to the Malaysians, Philippines, and Oceanians. People in Bali Island are good at painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts, and performing arts.


Bali is abundant with wildlife, including squirrels, deer, monkeys, wild pigs, geckos, and snakes. The Island is also a home for around three hundred species of birds, such as kingfishers and bee-eaters. The warm sea is home to various colorful fish living around the coral reefs.

Bali is part of the coral triangle and over 500 reef-building corals found from the area, and with the highest biodiversity of marine species, especially fish and turtles. Hence, they offer a wide range of dive sites to the tourists to feel the beauty of aquatic life.


Balinese are well known as farmers from the ancient era and were masters in organic farming. They were the founders of the irrigation system known as Subak, which distributes water among paddy fields evenly. The ancient time’s farmers were hard workers, and they could look after 10 acres of land alone.

Rice is the main crop in Bali, and apart from rice, they grow tea, tobacco, cacao, copra, groundnuts, cassava, indigo, corn, onions, and legumes. Further, they export coffee to Japan, the Netherlands, and the USA. As a part of the travel plan, the Balinese offer the travelers with a farm tour. This tour includes Organic farms, organic produce, farm cooking, farm stay, and so on.

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