Caribbean Islands – my next travel plan
Caribbean Islands standing uprightly in the Caribbean Sea with 700 Islands, proudly showing it's unspoiled beauty to the world.

Caribbean Islands – my next travel plan

Caribbean Islands zone recognized as the best Eco-Tourism Location in the World with its natural environmental diversification. Further, the area known for the best tropical vacations.

The Caribbean in general

How many Caribbean Islands are there? The zone consists of over 700 Islands including 13 independent states and 17 dependent divisions. The largest Island of the region is Cuba, with a 105,806km2 of land while the smallest Caribbean Island is Isla Mujeres with a land area of 5.2km2

The zone covers around 2,754,000Km2 of land, where the population is approximately 43,163,817. Further, people in the Caribbean countries belong to various ethnic groups and they follow many different religions. However, present Caribbean culture built on the base of the history of this zone and the geographical distribution.

Out of many countries in the region, Haiti was the first to gain independence from European Power. Further, some more Caribbean nations gained independence in the 19th century.  

Top 10 Caribbean Islands

The undermentioned Islands in the zone are worldwide recognized as the best Caribbean destinations to visit due to their unique values

  1. Dominica: 365 Rivers, Deep Valleys and lush peaks
  2. North and Middle Caicos: Unspoiled Caribbean
  3. Curacao: Liveliest urban centre and Curacao Hotels
  4. Saba: White knuckle aviation
  5. Antigua: 365 beaches
  6. Barbados: Excellent cuisine and rum
  7. St.Barts: High-class luxury
  8. Bimini and Bahamas: History of Martin Luther King Junior
  9. Puerto Rico: Music and Dance
  10. Martinique: South of France in the Caribbean

The Caribbean countries located in the path of main shipping routes that travel through the Panama Canal, which is the link that connects the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the well-known Puerto Rico Trench, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, positioned towards the north of Puerto Rico Island.

Caribbean Islands Map

Safest Caribbean Islands

  1. Curacao: Low in crime and below the hurricane belt
  2. Bonaire: Located below the hurricane belt
  3. St. Barths: Very little to No crime
  4. Anguilla: Consist of best Caribbean beaches
  5. Montserrat: With the lowest crime rates


The Caribbean zone ranked for having the most diversified ecosystem in the World. The highly diversified land including Montana Cloud Forest, Tropical Rain Forest, Cactus Scrub-lands and the marine ecosystem add value to the diversity of the eco system. Further, the Caribbean zone has 8% of the World’s coral reef and contains around 70 species of hard corals. Additionally, the area consists of about 650 species of coral-associated fishes and with widely spread sea-grass and 11,250 species of fungi. The water of the Caribbean Sea supplies the base for migrant Fishes, Turtles, and Coral Reef formation.

Additionally, the Islands found with many plant species, and the majority of them are endemic to the zone. As per the records, there are around 200 endemic groups of plants, and the majority of these groups consist of ten or more species.

Caribbean Islands Climate

The zone has a tropical climate with tropical rain-forest, tropical monsoon, and tropical savanna. The area is usually sunny around the year. However, from May to November, the Sky over the zone fills with clouds, which called “Wet Season”. During December and April, the Sky seems to be bright and mostly sunny and called the “Dry Season”. Further, the rainfall in the region depends mainly on the elevation and water current.

Southern Caribbean Islands affected with frequent hurricanes, and the hurricane season starts from June around the zone. This season will continue until November and storms frequently appear during August and September.


From ancient times, the Caribbeans involved with the plantation system, and their main crop was Sugar. During the 18th 19th and 20th centuries, most of the Islands in the Caribbean zone filled with Sugar Cane fields and refinery mills where, in some of the divisions, still the abandoned old sugarcane fields are visible. Even at present, they involve in commercial agriculture, including Sugarcane, banana, rice, coconut, and tobacco.

The Caribbean as a Travel destination

Saint Lucia considered as one of the most beautiful destinations in the zone which belongs to the eastern Caribbean Islands. Further, the Southern Caribbean zone mostly used for cruise planning.

The zone consists of various Heritage sites including Piton, Blue and John crow mountains, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, The old City of Santa Domingo and so on

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