Travel with your partner? make it a romantic one!

Travel with your partner? make it a romantic one!

A new year always means a chance for a fresh start. You and your partner can begin the new year by making some travel resolutions together, regardless of your time and budget restraints. Put aside those old travel habits and make some new ones! Let this be the year that your travel designs focus on fun, fantasy, and festivities!

Travel arrangement

It does not have to be an around the world cruise or first class getaway (but if you can afford it, what are you waiting for?) and have to be an honest-to-goodness vacation, though. No cell phones, neither laptops should take when you travel. Mark the dates on the calendar and keep it as you do with any business appointment. The business of romantic travel, though, is a fun four and activity that one of you can plan for months.

Both have to involve in the trip planning. All often, the partner who gets the job for planning a trip will become bored quickly. Plan your trips together! Anticipation is half the fun. Visit a travel agent and collect brochures. It will be easy if you buy a guidebook, rent a video about your destination, and search the web for information.

What can we do while travelling??

We have rarely done it. Here you can be as mild — or as wild — as you dare. Go whitewater rafting, rent a houseboat, and take a hot air balloon ride. Spend the night in a local bed and breakfast, learn to scuba dive and dance the whole night away under the stars. The choice is yours.

Take four mini-vacations every month, short distance travel. Whether it’s for the night or the night out, plan four tiny slices of a vacation every single month. The only rule is that you must pretend you are on vacation. You can book a night at a local bed and breakfast. Better if you can call your local hotel and find out their non-peak nights (in business-oriented cities, it’s usually Friday and Saturday) then plan a short romantic journey.

Go to at least four festivals. Special events take place in every community around the world. Whatever your interests — from square dancing to sandcastle building — you’ll find a festival celebrating with a day or one of fun and food. If you don’t have the time or budget to travel far, contact area chamber of commerce or tourism offices within a day’s drive of your home for their calendar of events, extend your trip into a long weekend. If you have got the time and resources, check out a quantity of the major fun festivals, and don’t forget your costume!

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